Trail Cameras

January 2012

First Trailcam Outing, 14th January 2012 - Pheasants, Squirrels and Many Songbird Twitterings

Lessons learned - Double check date and time settings, level camera with spirit level, "muffler" needed for microphone, placed 2 feet above ground, could have been 1 foot, try setting video length to 45 seconds not 60 :-)

20th January 2012 - Badger Glimpse, Wood Mice, Pheasants, Squirrels, Chaffinches, Blackbirds

Lessons learned - Could still be lower will try 9 inches above ground next time, batteries used up very quickly when nightime video used, need to attach to a tree at least 15cm diameter or camera moves in the wind unduly!

27th January 2012 - Badgers, Squirrels, Pheasants, Jays, Magpies

Lessons learned - Lower camera angle works well, pleased with 30 second video time not 45 or 60. Added routine of formatting card as part of set-up routine to eliminate the chance of images not recording because card may be full or if I've deleted images on the PC (which upsets the card formatting for the Bushnell).