Sightings Diary

August 2011

Common Lizard
Topsham RSPB Bowling Green Hide

31.08.11 - 17 degrees, dry, light wind, 2 hours either side of high tide

Magpie, Robin, Wren, Dunnock, Chiffchaff, Goldfinch, Mallard, Shoveler, Teal, Mute swan, Black-tailed godwits, Redshank, Common Sandpiper, Little Grebe, Coot, Morehen, Black-headed Gull, Avocet (4), Yellow Wagtail, Dunlin, Purple Sandpiper, Little Stint, Heron, Swallows, Pied Wagtail, Canada Geese, Ringed Plover, Curlew, Bearded Tit, Little Egrets, Crows, Shelduck, Sedge warbler


Black-tailed Godwit

Week at - East Prawle, Avon Estuary, Dittisham, Soar, Slapton Sands - South Devon

23.08.11 to 30.08.11 - 15 to 22 degrees, sunny, rainy, windy, 9am to 4pm daily

East Prawle

Wild Flowers (Flowering) - Toadflax, Rose bay willow herb, Flea bane, Evening Primrose, Hog weed, Bramble blossom, Hedge Woundwort, Herb Robert, Smooth Sow Thistle, Nipplewort, Bedstraw, Field Bindweed, Meadow Vetchling, Common Vetch ,Tufted Vetch, Honeysuckle, Cat- ear, White Clover, Yarrow, Red Campion, Tansy, Dandelions, Germander Speedwell, Prickly Sow-thistle, Lesser Trefoil, Hop Trefoil, Wild Poppy, Greater Willowherb, Creeping Thistle, Ragwort, Hemp- agrimony, Silverweed, Wild Carrot, Sea Carrot, Musk Thistle, Sheeps-bit, Autumn Squill, Scarlet Pimpernel, Bitter sweet, Centaury, Sloes, Bell Heather, Mugwort, Oxeye daisies, Thrift, Chamomile, Spear Thistle, Red Clover, Sea Campion, Kidney Vetch, Gorse Bloom, Water Mint, Saw-wort, Stonecrop, Greater Knapweed, Dodder (not in flower), Carline Thistle, Fat-hen, Sun Spurge, Narrow-leaved Everlasting-pea, Large Bindweed, Burdock, Red Campion, Pineapple Mayweed, Groundsel, Foxglove, Ripening Hawthorn Berries, Valerian, Common Mallow, Daisies, Great Mullein, Spear Orache, Travellers Joy, Fumitory, Cinquefoil, Bloody Cranes bill, Common Calamint, Agrimony, Betony, Small Sheepsbit, Ling Heather, Wild Thyme, Mouse Ear, Slender Thistle, Devils-bit Scabious, Marjoram, Wild Basil, Restharrow, Pink Purslane, Hares-foot clover, Selfheal, White Campion, Wood Sage, Black Medic, Common Bistort, Ivy Leaved Toadflax, Black Nightshade

Birds - Goldfinches, Robins, Dunnocks, Swallows, House Martins, Yellowhammers, Stonechats, Magpies, Jackdaws, Rooks, Crows, Pigeons, Kestrels, Herring Gulls, Oystercatcher, Spotted Flycatchers, Blue Tits, Linnets, Sparrowhawk, Buzzards, Wheatears, Cormorants, Rock Pipits, Wren, House Sparrows, Chaffinches, Whitethroats, Greater Black-backed Gulls, Green Woodpecker, Ravens, Peregrine Falcons, Great Tits, Blackbirds, Chiffchaffs, Blackcaps, Wood Warbler, Gannets, Collard Dove, Starlings, Cirl Buntings

Male Cirl Bunting

Butterflies - Speckled Wood, Large Whites, Small Coppers, Six Spotted Burnet, Small Tortoise Shells, Common Blues, Meadow Browns, Red Admirals, Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary, Gatekeepers, Wall Browns, Painted Lady, Small Whites, Holly Blue, Comma, Clouded Yellow

Clouded Yellow

Holly Blue

Dragonflies and Damselflies - Common Darters, Common Hawker, Golden-ringed Dragonfly

Female Golden-ringed Dragonfly

Other - Common Lizards, Basking Slowworm, Feral Goats, Field (edible) Mushrooms, Horse Mushrooms

Avon Estuary

Wild Flowers (Flowering) - Enchanters Nightshade, Redshank, Field Pansy, White Dead-nettle, Yellow Archangel, Woodavens, Sea Holly, Sea Spurge, Lesser Centaury, Sea Aster, Teasil, Red Dead-nettle, St John's-wort, Yellow Horned Poppy, Meadowsweet, Field Madder, Corn Marigold, Doves-foot Cranesbill, Buckwheat

Birds - Common Sandpipers, Little Egrets, Mallard, Black-headed Gulls, Mute Swans, Curlew, Oystercatcher, Herons, Cirl Buntings, Rooks, Crows, Jackdaws, Greenfinches, Magpies, Ringed Plover, Redshank, Dunlin, Lesser Black-backed Gulls, Sparrowhawk, Kingfisher, Long-tailed Tits, Song Thrush

Butterflies and Moths - Brimstone Moth

Other - Stoat


Wild Flowers (Flowering) - Green Alkanet, Broadleaved Willowherb, Common Figwort, Vipers Bugloss, Chicory, Hogweed, Wild Fennel, Goldenrod


Wildflowers (Flowering) - Cyclamen, Wood-rush, Dog Violet!

Birds - Sparrowhawk - Mother with kill and begging male offspring

Other - Parasol Mushrooms

Slapton Ley

Wild Flowers (Flowering) - Gipsywort, Marsh Woundwort, Skullcap, Restharrow, Meadow Cranes-bill

Birds - Canada Geese, Coots, Mallard, Cettis Warbler, Pochard, Willow Warbler, Grey Wagtail, Great Crested Grebes (Many)

Butterflies - Clouded Yellow

Dragonflies and Damselflies - Emperor Dragonfly, Blue-tailed Damselfly

Other - Common Lizards (many)

Common Lizard