Sightings Diary

September 2011

Aylesbeare Common, East Devon

02.09.11 - 22 degrees, sunny, light wind, 3pm to 6pm

Dragonflies and Damselflies - Keeled Skimmers, Common Darters, Emperor, Migrant Hawker, Emerald Damselflies

Male Keeled Skimmer

Common Darter

Emerald Damselfly

Migrant Hawker

Butterflies - Graylings, Gatekeepers



Birds - Stonechats, Linnets.

I was told 2 pairs of Dartford Warblers survived the last cold winter and their progeny were spreading across the common - Good News!

Other - Common lizards (3)

Topsham RSPB Bowling Green Hide

03.09.11 - 18 degrees, light cloud, some sun, light winds, 9am to 1pm. High tide 11.45am

Birds - Mallard, Teal, Moorhen, Heron, Many Curlew, Common Sandpipers, Pied Wagtails, Wood Pigeons, Magpies, Lapwing, Swallows, Black-headed gulls, Wigeon, Greenshank, Dunlin, Ringed Plover, Cormorant, Black-tailed Godwit, Bar-tailed Godwit, Curlew Sandpiper (2), Shelduck, Little Grebe, Chiffchaff, Shoveler, Canada Geese, Greater Spotted Woodpecker (heard), Jay, Mute Swans, Buzzard, Redshank, Wimbrel, Coot, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Goldfinch, Dunnock, Wheatear, Starlings, Avocet (3), Sedge Warbler, Robin, Little Egrets, Raven (heard), Reed Warbler.




Others - Common Hawker Dragonfly, Speckled Wood Butterfly, Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly, Large White Butterfly

Small Tortoiseshell

My Patch (near Exeter) - Feeding Visit

09.09.11 - 19 degrees, light drizzle and wind, 3pm to 4pm

Birds - Great Tits, Blue Tits, Robins, Chaffinches, Blackbirds, Buzzards 2 parents one Juvenile, Raven (heard), Crows, Wood Pigeons, Wrens, Dunnocks, Goldfinches.

Female Sparrowhawk - Hunting along tree line flying quickly and silently from perch to perch approximately 20m apart, waiting and watching at each for a minute or so.


Others - Squirrel, watched fox (male I think quite chunky head and body) hunting along hedgerow

Topsham RSPB Bowling Green Hide

10.09.11 - 20 degrees, sun, light cloud, medium wind, 5pm to 6.45pm, High Tide 6.30pm

Birds - Osprey perched on Derrick feeding on fish. There has been talk of up to 3 Osprey visiting Exe Estuary in last 2 weeks, Mallard, Teal, Moorhen, Coot, Heron, Many Curlew, Common Sandpipers, Pied Wagtails, Wood Pigeons, Lapwing, Sand Martins, Wigeon, Greenshank, Green Sandpiper, Dunlin, Ringed Plover, Black-tailed Godwit, Bar-tailed Godwit, Shelduck, Little Grebe, Shoveler, Canada Geese, Mute Swans, Buzzard, Redshank, Wimbrel, Little Egrets, Stock Dove, Kingfisher, Peregrine

Mute Swan

Other - Grass Snake swimming in Exeter Canal

Topsham RSPB Bowling Green Hide

19.09.11 - 12 degrees, rain, medium wind, 8am to 12am, High Tide 10am

Birds - Peregrine, Mallard, Teal, Moorhen, Heron, Many Curlew, Common Sandpiper, Pied Wagtails, Wood Pigeons, Wigeon, Greenshank, Green Sandpiper, Dunlin, Ringed Plover, Black-tailed Godwit, Shelduck, Canada Geese, Redshank, Wimbrel, Little Egrets, Little Ringed Plover, Yellow Wagtails, Meadow Pipit, Swallows, Curlew Sandpipers, Starlings, Cormorant, Black-headed Gulls, Avocets 2, Reed Buntings, Chiffchaff, Great Tits, Crows, Magpie, Robin, Wren

Canada Geese


Wye Valley - Chepstow, Monmouth Symonds Yat

24.09.11 -26.09.11 - 17 to 20 degrees, dry days, wet days, 10am to 5pm

Birds - Greater Spotted Woodpeckers, Wrens, Long-tailed Tits, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Gold Crest, Buzzards, Ravens, Crows, Wood Pigeons, Robins, Song Thrushes, Herring Gulls, Nuthatches, Chaffinches, Magpies, Chiffchaff, Starlings, Mute Swans, Mallard Ducks, Goldfinches, Blackbirds, Cormorants, Dunnocks, Swallows, Kingfishers, Peregrine Falcons, Pheasants, House Martins, Sand Martins, Mandarin Ducks, Pied Wagtails, Little Grebe, Goshawk ?, Green Woodpecker

Mandarin Duck

Cock Pheasant

Wild Flowers - Creeping Thistle, Daisies, Hemp Agrimony, Travellers Joy, Himalayan Balsam, Yarrow, Ragwort, Hogweed, Comfrey, Mistletoe, Fleabane, Slender Thistle, Red Campion, Pignut, Dandelions, Field Bindweed, Red Clover, White Clover, Valerian, Smooth Sow Thistle, Nipple Wort, Water Mint, Toadflax, Ivy Leaved Toadflax, Sneezewort, White Dead-nettle, Hedge Woundwort, Common Mallow, Pineapple Mayweed, Great Mullein, Tansy, Cats Ear

White Clover

Other - Field Mushrooms, Horse Mushrooms, Puffballs, Wild Crab Apples and most other species fruiting - Horse Chestnuts, Beech, Oak, Yew, Hawthorn, Rowan, Black Thorn, Sweet Chestnuts, Spindle