Some Favourite Nature Related Videos

Videos selected on the basis they provide useful guidance and inspiration mainly, though not exclusively, from a nature photograhy perspective.

More great tracking video from James Amos

Links below to a series of Wildlife Whisperer (Simon King) videos on finding, identifying and observing these super creatures.

Link To - Wildlife Whisperer (Simon King) Otter Video

Link To - Wildlife Whisperer (Simon King) Urban Fox Video

Link To - Wildlife Whisperer (Simon King) Fallow Deer Video

Video of Somerset Levels wildlife by Dean Burman

Link To - You Tube Video Playlist For a Huge Range of Tracking Videos (North American Animals)

Tracking video aimed at kids but great information. Well worth a watch.

Super video from Sarah Rees highlighting the importance of ancient tree habitat

A range of British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) Videos

Interesting Documentary covering the beginning of the Red Squirrel Project South West at Escot, Nr. Ottery St Mary, Devon. The long term aim being the selective re-introduction of these magical creatures around the UK.

Some great "Wildlife Garden Project" videos

Range of "Barn Owl Trust" clips

Informative Dawn Chorus Clip

Further Bird Song Clips (really helps seeing the bird image and hearing their songs)